rose romance

Film Wizards Cult Movie Arcade: THIEF OF BAGHDAD (1961)
A young thief of Bagdad falls in love with the daughter of the Sult�n. When she is poisoned, he looks for the Blue Rose, a magical flower that has the ability to heal her. Steve Reeves treks through a weird world of monsters, traps & danger in search of the mystic Blue Rose. Marvelous fantasy and a rare treat to see Reeves in a non-Herc role.
A film I remember as a well-done fairy tale. The cast does a splendid job.
Credited cast:
Steve Reeves ….Karim
Giorgia Moll ….Amina
Arturo Dominici ….Prince Osman
Edy Vessel ….Kadeejah
Georges Chamarat ….Magician