IRE 13 :: pluck vs pros

Blog, Jvstin Style: IRE #13: Miracle on Ice
Our 13th ‘unlucky’ IRE harkens back a quarter century to one of the most stunning events in Hockey, or any other sports, history. The unheralded, plucky US Hockey team beat the defending Olympic champion Russian team (enroute to eventually beating Finland for the gold medal at the 1980 Winter Olympics). This story of David versus Goliath is the fodder for this outing’s IRE.

Young unknown kids vs the mighty machine? Kids win?
Sounds like the con game I ran through five sessions of ACUS. The citizens of Darrheabarr take on the Courts of Chaos.
I think I could cast a new game where the PCs are in the enemy hands already. Sort of a ‘ransom of red chief’ plot where pre-teen amberites are being held against the behaviour of King Random in some manner.
Pure fun to watch the captors try to constrain the young whippersnappers while the wheels of intrigue go on back in Amber.