Galactica 2005

Someone was nice enough to gift me with a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica.
For the most part, this is a very satisfying addition to the world of TV SF. On a number of levels, it pleases me to see the way it is handled as a show, as a homage, as a writing project and the acting quality —and that viewers are responding to most of that.
Battlestar Galactica Blog : Accepted Error

Ron Moore makes an interesting point about story, scripting, and pacing in his Feb 24 blog entry.
Sometimes, you just miss an opportunity. Sometimes you make an error and move on. Sometimes the balance of what you can do falls a wee bit short.

This happens all the time in the GMs chair. You miss something or you short-change a scene for what it might have been. You mis-read a player’s intent and so a PC gets less than hir due.
You move on.
Despite this, or because of it, I love F2F (face to face) tabletop gaming all over the online pbem for speed and response. As player, I’m at my best when the other players are right there with me.



  1. I’ve been watching episodes the Olsons have TiVoed, as I visit them.
    Despite early reservations, I’ve really warmed up to the show and how well done the writing really is and the depth of characters and plot.

  2. I was not interested in the original ‘Battlestar’ program based on what snips I saw and I was largely out of TV media for most of the late seventies due to being in Europe. That makes it hard for me to comment on the original show and where it went. Once back in country, I saw one episode of ‘Galactica 1980’ and bailed.
    I had serious expectations that anything SciFi Channel touched would probably be a loser since they often do dumb SF. How nice to be wrong about that.
    Now that Galactica is their most popular show, I expect it to be cancelled after two seasons.
    Nervy of the writers to undercut suspense in the plot by making the Cylons so clearly manipulating the humans every step of the way.

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