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The 20′ By 20′ Room: Ages 8 and Up
“I’d rather be dead than playing Dungeons and Dragons when I’m forty-five.”

—Mick Jagger, in some alt.universe

I am not giving up gaming. Live with it.
Not a decision lightly arrived at, because I could give it up. I could just allow the characters and ideas in my head to taunt me when I’m trying to sleep, or peek out in the midst of some movie or book where the plot suddenly takes the wrong path and I want to interact to bring it back to glory.
TonyLB calls my addiction that “most fundamentally human of activities, storytelling”. I’m actually pretty sure that eating is the most fundamental. But then, if telling a story will get me food, I’m in.
Bryant gets my vote:
“I don’t game for story. I game for interaction. Story is really secondary to that; I get a kick out of helping other people show off their characters and being helped in return.
It’s another way for minds to meet.”
I’m all about the mental entertainments. I’ll even forego the food.
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“I will almost certainly be gaming long after I retire… in fact, I look forward to my retirement, when I will be able to devote the time I’d like to writing, gaming, going to cons, etc. I think the golden age of RPG’s will finally arrive in fifteen to twenty years when large numbers of gamers start retiring.”


They can have my negotiated imaginary space when they pull it from my cold, dead braincells.

—Jonathan Walton

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  1. I agree. There is no quitting. My only question these days is whether my son is going to find me as weird as my husband or join me in the fun.

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