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IRE #16: The Revolutionary Document
Today, March 17th marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s completion of the first of his major papers that would revolutionize physics forever. So even with the recent Ides of March, I am choosing Einstein’s papers as the inspiration for the latest IRE.

As Jvstin links in his entry, in 1905, the magnitude of Einstein’s departure from the sanctioned belief about light was so unsettling that his particle theory of light was not accepted for two decades.
So a young royal comes along who is taking Trump to a new place. A cubist interpretation of portrait. The Elders are quite put off by it. No one thinks the ‘security’ of not having an extremely recognizable face on the card is a trade-off for the harsh, sometimes jolting images on the ‘new Trump’ movement.
Some folks refuse to sit for Trump portraits where they are going to end up with three eyes and half a nose.
how about you?



  1. IMC the problem with cubist Trumps is that they’re a lot harder to use. Say a minimum of Amber Psyche to use at all, pre-knowledge of who or what the Trump represents (“Could be Cabra. Could be any other lighthouse in a shadow with blue sky.” “It’s in Random’s colors and seems to be Caucasian…”) and extra time for anyone but the maker. Sometimes these are features instead of flaws, but not often.

  2. Yep.
    It’s those subjective “feature or flaw” elements that are sorta interesting both from a drama and an artistic view.

  3. In Doyce’s TiHE campaign, where Trump was the primal power, having a cubist Trump of you made might alter your form, permanently, if the artist was powerful enough. Dworkin had accidentally locked a LoC or two into one form way back in the Olden Times of the campaign prehistory.
    Would previously made, normal Trumps shield you from such effects?
    Could a Trump Artist grant you an alternative form by making a Trump of you as something or someone else?
    IMC the PC Trump Artist is working towards something in the changes-via-Special-Trump route. He’s got an unchanging (cut, I think — need to check) rose so far. It’s not indestructable but it will fix itself unless dismembered. If it is planted it will regenerate. Done with a human subject it would grant unaging life and regeneration to match the image (including parts unseen since they’re part of the artist’s image of the subject), so long as the card isn’t destroyed.
    Hm. For a nastier turn a Trump Artist might be able to make a Trump of an enemy burning, then light him on fire — and keep him burning for a long time. Forever? The Trump might break. The Trump might start drawing upon the artist’s energies to maintain the fire and the constant regeneration — find that Trump fast!

  4. I once played a trump artist whose trumps were completely representational. The items objects in the trumps represented qualities that my character saw in those people or places. At the same time there needed to be an object in the collage which represented the name of the character. For instance, I used a rowan tree in the collage which represented the character Rowena.

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