IRE 17 :: big-badda-boom

IRE 17: BP Oil
I will go with the BP Oil Refinery Blast. A center for an important resource goes boom.

Jvstin’s entry is a great one, nudging me to go in a completely different direction.
“…besides you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.”

(I consider it a good and just thing that Google returns over fifty results for spikard and boom.)
But enough of that.
Benedict is visiting Amber. On a sunny afternoon without warning he explodes. Gone. KaBoom.
Buildings are damaged, people hurt, and confusion spreads through the family. At first, Corwin’s gunpowder is blamed. Someone has discoverd the secret, folks suppose.
Twenty-four hours. Fiona arriving at lunch explodes. Gone. KaBoom.
The castle is damaged, people hurt, and panic spreads. Witnesses saw no attack. Other family members realize that the next twenty-four hours will be very tense.
Who is the enemy? Is Bleys the next target? Is the clock ticking in Amber or is there some other cycle in shadow that rules these attacks? Can the PCs solve a mystery that blind-sided such legendary resources in time?



  1. I don’t think I’d enjoy this scenario. I know I wouldn’t like it as a campaign arc. I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t like knocking people off as a plot point unless it makes sense for their plot too, and I particularly don’t like treating people solely as resources, which is the underlying thrust of the scenario.
    Sorry for being so harsh, but that’s what struck me about this idea. I’m not particularly comfortable with this IRE in any case, but reading this scenario really drove it home.

  2. Actually, that’s not harsh, that’s just honest.
    There are plenty of things your comments bring to mind. I’ve run into lots of scenarios like this at cons. I don’t play them myself because of some of the points you bring up. They work well in a 4 to 8 hour game to explore notions that I don’t accept about Amber. Treating people as resources is a common theme I see in Amber gaming. I won’t call it a flaw, because I think it does reflect the ‘immortal POV’ a bit.
    Con games can ‘push buttons’ that I find unpleasant or unworkable as a ‘campaign’ or novel-length arc.
    Folks who play in my ATEC would be Horrified at the sudden and complete premise I’ve put forward here.

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