Amber DRPG futures

“The next Amber book I want to do is Chaos Rules — a complete book of the Courts of Chaos and the Chaos/Logrus Powers. This is going to be a complete roleplaying rulebook in that you will be able to run a campaign set in the Courts without owning the original Amber game. I want it to have a completely different attitude, so that playing Chaos Rules will feel like an entirely different game than Amber, even though they’re using the same basic system.”

—-Erick Wujcik

Well, this is a good idea, even though my first choice for supplement was Nine Ladies Dancing: the secrets of Amber’s women.
Of course, the estate of Zelazny has to approve GOO doing a second edition, let alone supplements to Amber DRPG. There is no word on that. Maybe this weekend?



  1. I plan on it too, because either Jack or I need to write it up for 20×20. As for the book, considering that the Wuj’s interpretation of Amber and Amber NPCs sucketh mightily IMNSHO, the idea of his interpretation of the stuff I didn’t like doesn’t interest me much.
    I still want to see the Rebma supplement put out.

  2. Just for context:
    The quote above is from an interview done when ‘Shadow Knight’ came out. EW has no plans to do Amber supplements.

  3. Word on the Amber 2nd edition is that they do have permission. They just don’t have the money to spend right now on a book that won’t make the company a lot of money. Mark said he wants to still do it and will do it eventually one way or another.

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