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Y’know, there are a lot of folks in the know that build a solid background before they invite anyone to look over the goods. I’m one of them, normally speaking.
‘Ceptin’ I’m also one who doesn’t dedicate to ‘startup builds’ because the Invest draws off too many projects and games already running. A great idea needs a time and place to grow. Passion is not a good balance against a commitment already given.
I’m just sayin’.
But what if the background, the premise – system – Shared Imaginative Space were created by group wiki before the game started? Don’t these Lexicon games basically do that ‘prequel’ layered investment of premise?
And would that smooth out the Invest so that you didn’t fumble other commitments? Didn’t do a bunch of prep that didn’t get used or go in directions the group isn’t interested in playing?
Urban Faerie Jedi :: There Is No ‘Try’
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from the background:
Present day: attempting to restore the Torch
��bad things happen to the losers.� �Snuff
�You can�t take the sky from me.� �Joss Whedon

Torch vs Lightsaber
In our story, the Torch appears as a match to the Bearer in a more select and personal manifestation. Where in the SW canon each Jedi fabricates his own saber, in our story, each Bearer is illuminated by his Torch manifestation. If the Torch is lost or damaged, it may change in the next manifestation and provide new story elements.
The Torch burns through barriers and enemies alike. In the hands of a Bearer, the Torch is magic most vivid and inspiring.


  1. “Let’s not be excludin’ people. That’d be rude…” –Jayne
    If the material ever becomes available on a more public basis. You will see it here.

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