IRE 20 :: lost ‘n’ found

Blog, Jvstin Style: IRE #20 : Lost Creature Found
The news that the extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker may not be quite as extinct as one might think. And so our twentieth Game IRE is set: The rediscovery of a thought-lost creature and its impact on the PCs and their world.

Ok. That lets out Clarissa coming back from eternal exile; though plenty of players IMC would argue she’s a creature they’d like to make extinct. She scares them even exiled.
Hmmm. Thematically, it makes sense that there are many extinct shadow creatures IMC of Eternal City. In actual fact, I don’t think extinction of creatures has come up in play. It is actually part of the “thematic war” of the major powers that Pattern can restore shadow things made extinct.
Part of the reason that “Amber must be destroyed” is this unique element. A troublesome element for certain Things. An element that has more than once unbalanced the ‘natural progression’ of the universe.
When part of Amber dies: it also jeopardizes a range of infinite things through shadow. The ‘death curse’ reverberates through reality. Shadow deaths can be un-imagined.
Real deaths can’t.