ACN 2005 :: not

AmberCon North 2005 will not happen so that ACN 2006 can kick ass.
I will hope to return to ACN 2006 GMing at least three games.
That is all.



  1. RF — are you trying to say ACN 2005 isn’t happening (which was a real possibility last time I checked, but I haven’t heard anything about it yet) or that you cannot make ACN this year?

  2. He’s saying that ACN 2005 isn’t happening.
    I’m not sure how he found out, actually, since so far as I know the announcement is still being forged, but he is correct.

  3. Or maybe he was saying he wasn’t going to make it, and it just SOUNDED like he’d read the tea leaves…
    Either way, he’s right.
    And it will be formally announced soon.

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