IMC :: probability and ‘the royal way’

House of Cards GM Log: How ‘Affecting Probability’ Works: Probability manipulation involves a minor side affect of shadow-walking.

Above great summation of the practical side of Pattern gives rise to various thoughts and stylings that have developed in my long term Eternal City game. Eat your heart out, cool Logrus dudes.
IMC, Players hardly ever do this, yet they do use variations on the ‘royal way’ and lately they have toyed with getting shadows to lie for them. This last will show up soon in the Cassandra Logs, no doubt. Most notably and regularly, the PCs use their Pattern to show up in a shadow near their goal and with the right sort of clothes, papers, money, and accessories.
Part of the theme of competance.

Florimel has done most of the teaching for the ‘royal way’ and is considered the master of it. This technique is where shadow travel includes sophisticated enhancement of your arrival, seamless safety, best accomodations for your mission, and perhaps good company and pleasant surprises. You travel slower, because you are doing shadow travel and probability manipulation in one. Still, with Florimel escorting you through shadow, you never get bothersome highwaymen pointing pistols at you. If you do, you know something serious is wrong.
One of Benedict’s techniques is ‘wake-less’ shadow travel which makes it near-impossible to be followed, even by stormhounds.
Julian, on the other hand, can often teach how to detect relationships between a real person and the shadow terrain they have moved through. This amounts to a form of akashic tracking on a shadow landscape. No wake required to detect and follow for he can read the touch of your legend where you walked.
Caine is yet the only family member to out-manuever a shadowstorm and even repeat the feat for witnesses.
Random is near-best at flying through shadow above a blurring landscape, but Sebastian, his grandson, is better. Sebastian is a horrible teacher however, and Random doesn’t have time to teach.
Delwin can usually find any tool or construct of shadow if he only knows its purpose and schema.
Melinda knows how to get a broken inhospitable landscape to cough up survival sustenance.
Gerard can find anyone he knows if he is in the same shadow with them. He was quite shaken to not be able to find the missing Corwin and his failure went a long way to convincing many that Corwin was dead. Owen, his daughter, has a ‘people compass’ in her head for those she has a personal Trump relationship with.
In this twisty manner, probability itself is a very personal experience with the royals. This also affects shadows ‘lying’ for family, which also ties back to personal legends.
For instance, how old you think someone is has a lot to do with whether you think they should be asking certain questions, and/or walking through certain parts of town. How they smell or smile may tell you if they are legit or poseur. As an amberite, if you understand your personal legend well enough, you can bend these small things in your favor quite easily so that the shadow observer believes.
But you can’t lie to yourself knowingly.