I do recommend the Zone for GMs with questions hard to answer. The nitty-gritty of GMing, the actual act, the gerund, the details. Not just ‘play’ stories, not the questions you need to ask, but the on-the-fly questions you need to be able to answer.

The Masters’ Council :: Burnout and the anti-Burnout, or is there no real cure?
Several weeks ago I felt that I was at total burnout. That my well had run dry. It even seemed that the well had been dry a long time and that I was ignoring how lame my creativity was and should take steps to “fess up”.
I’m not sure what kicked me out of it. I think I realized it was a stress thing related to money/control and had nothing to do with gaming. I didn’t solve the issue, but figuring out what it was helped free up my other-think.