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…continuing the odd addition of a family member to the cast of Eternal City.
Well, after a long passage of in-game time, the Eternal City campaign returned to a plot thread concerning Lady Quiet.
Two years ago, a visiting niece got to introduce Lady Quiet (she picked the name), a teen rescued from a trapped mirror in the castle. Since the backstory for Quiet had not been revealed and since the niece went back to Portland, Oregon, most folks never expected much more to come of that character.
But the ex-PC had not shown up in the game since. Except that events in our game proved out that she had been around and her story tied back into the mystery of Harla, the woman who walked out on Oberon. So the enigma of Quiet is daughter to the mystery of Harla.

Harala (Harla) Balacaka is a Shroudling. Quiet is her daughter. And no, she wasn’t exactly trapped in a mirror. Quiet is, as the whimsical entry title suggests, a wild combination of amber blood and shroudling blood.
At this point in our story, Owen, who has been practicing the ‘power of relationships’ for several years, discovered disparate elements of family history that tied together in secret family relationship.

  • Harala, for a wedding present, had given Oberon a great gift that protected the kingdom of Amber from inimical forces trying to enter
  • Before the marriage or the crowning, Harala had left Amber in a rage, swearing to never set foot in Amber again until that which was rightfully hers was returned
  • Everyone assumed Oberon was responsible for some trick, specifically to get the protection without having to wed the witch
  • upon a chance meeting in shadow years ago, Owen learned from Harala that it was her daughter, stolen by Oberon, that she wanted back
  • No, Harala could not come to Amber and speak with Random about it, she was forbidden by her oath and powers from entering the Kingdom
  • No one knew of any such offspring–and Harla’s short time in Amber did not allow for a birth. There was no record of any daughter.
  • It seemed Harla might be insane until Owen made the mystic connection that the ‘missing daughter’ might be the mysterious girl that appeared in the castle so long ago

And at this point, Owen discovered additional problems. Sharing her suspicions with King Random, his response was, “Who are we talking about? What girl?”
And Owen realized that she couldn’t remember what the girl looked like or where she had come from. A check showed no one else remembered the girl either. She wasn’t living in the castle. Owen did remember a name, ‘Quiet’, but couldn’t figure out anything else.
Which led to further investigation.
And a week later, bringing little else to light she had to report to the King that there might be an invisible girl living in the castle without anyone’s knowledge.
And Random said, “Who are we talking about? What girl?”
Random couldn’t even remember the conversation from the week before. Owen discovered that no one remembered the girl for long and only her ‘relationship powers’ allowed her to.
After some more attempts at breaking this cycle, Owen went to Benedict to find out if there could be a connection between Quiet and some sort of curse on the castle or the girl. The Warmaster of Amber was a spare but potent source of information. Benedict had spent years trying to figure out the exact problem because Oberon had no idea why Harala had left accusing him of rape and theft.

  • Benedict pointed out that even Owen and he had talked about this issue before, he also knew that only Fiona with her eidetic memory seemed somewhat aware of the girl, but even Fiona did not know what to make of the mystery
  • Benedict hearing Owen’s information concluded that Quiet must be the child of the castle and Harala by a mystic union that might have been confusing and even violent: Harala bringing primal energies to interact with an equally protective primal of another kind.
  • Harala’s primal power had unknowing interacted with a protective primal long-charged into the stone of Castle Amber.
  • the girl had gestated within the mystic body of the castle, her father
  • the girl had matured alone, watching Castle Amber through the mirrors of the castle, learning something of the bright world from the womb of her ‘dark castle’
  • yes, Benedict had seen and spoken to Quiet at several Yule parties, unknowing at first that others could not remember her
  • likewise he knew that others in the family had spoken to her at various times, but it was clear later that when Benedict asked about the girl, no one knew who he was talking about
  • the castle was alive but asleep for several centuries before Harala came to Amber, Quiet would not have been potent enough to wake the castle and learn this story
  • the castle is Oberon’s younger brother, making Quiet a grandchild of Dworkin

Events regarding Quiet still unfolding.
But Owen has gotten in contact with the teen–posting signs in the castle library:
Quiet, please?
Come find me.

But it is also true that anytime Owen, working now at the Glantri University in shadow, doesn’t see Quiet for a week or so, she forgets the girl. Even Owen’s written journal of notes is missing any sections that relate to Quiet.
“Who are we talking about? What girl?”



  1. The funnest was last night near midnight when we realized that reflections off in shadow libraries infinitum had neat little signs: ‘Quiet Please’.
    Yes, we were silly tired.

  2. There is also a very slim tie to canon. In the very last story by Roger, the Hall of Mirrors is under active discussion for showing up too often and Florimel refers to the cause as the castle “waking up.”

  3. I just wandered here and found your log (trying to figure out how this game works since I’ve just started playing it…)
    Very fun log to read! Good luck with Quiet!

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