Fanfics and RPGs

Cosmopolis – Of Fanfics and Roleplaying Games as two sides of the Geekdom coin
I think one of the most amusing similarity between Fanfics and RPGs is that both tend to create their own little cultural world which includes very specific and esoteric terminologies, acronyms and expressions (you almost need a list of common used words just to understand either a Fanfiction or a RPG discussion coming from the outside – let alone speak local.)

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Fanficcers’ main focus is the character of the canon world they’re writing about. They might be interested in the universe and use it in interesting way to propel their story, but their work tend to be character driven. And the big no-no, the WORST possible thing that a fanficcer can do, the thing they’ll be mocked and reviled for, is creating a glorified self-insert that’ll become the hero of the story and steal the spotlight away from the canon characters. Aka, a Mary Sue.
Which incidently, is exactly what a Player Character made for a RPG is supposed to be.
All right, maybe not to the caricature and ridicule point that a Mary Sue is. But a Player Character is, essentialy, a self insert of the player (check one), that is powerful and able in ways that the Player isn’t (check two), who, along with the other Player Characters, is supposed to be the hero of the story told in the game (check three, player is out).
In a roleplaying game, having the Non Player Characters (who in the case of a RPG adapting an existing fictional work may very well be the same canon characters explored in a fanfic) be the all powerful star of the story solving the problems is a practice that show of bad Game Mastering.

Not a full definition of premise, but many other things are said in the original. And the comments (38) bear reading.