New RPG game
Time: 1905
Place: good ol’ earth
Setting: maiden voyage of Amerika cruise steamship. Launched April 20, 1905. Maiden voyage October 11, Hamburg -Dover – Cherbourg – New York. She was the largest ship in the world until 1906. In many ways the AMERIKA resembled the Harland & Wolff White Star liners CELTIC and CEDRIC, though considerably more luxurious. Her passenger accommodation, far ahead of any predecessor included such refinements as suites with a private bathroom, electric lifts, a winter garden, electrical medicinal baths and a Ritz-Carlton restaurant (the first a la carte restaurant on the North Atlantic).

S.S. AMERIKA,from 1906 postcard, Martin Cox collection
Characters: crossing the Atlantic, ship lost with all hands. Two weeks later, a tiny group, two heiress sisters (for example), are found in New York as the only survivors of the missing ship. They become a media mystery sensation.
Genre: romantic comedy adventure
PC Attributes: there are six
Wit: this is the rational of applied PC thought
Body: this is the rational of applied PC physique
Craft: this is the rational of applied PC knowledge
Essence: this is the rational of defensive PC stamina
PCs have 9 points to distribute to the above.
Each point is a measure of average human ability. Humans have 3 to 5 points total.
Unearthly X: name a talent
this is something no one else on Earth could ever hope to do (example: walk through solid objects.)
Unlikely X: name a talent
this is something someone on Earth might do, but it is unlikely except by the world’s best



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