Unearthly splash

In other news, I am slowly putting together a splash page to track the irregular meeting of the Unearthly rpg group.
And I vibe the alt.title of the game:

…the unlikely romantic comedy adventure

The Players have 4 attributes in common, but two that they create without restriction (except that it shouldn’t directly step on another PC.) Since these two ultimately flexible attributes are ‘unearthly’ and ‘unlikely’, I found using those words appropriate.
Certainly the comedy can revolve around the situation, or the unexplained rescue of the PCs, or the PC foibles, or the unearthly and unlikely attributes.
That is, if they are defined. In our playtest, they are not chosen as yet. We have grounded the PCs nicely in the moment, but in order to best get that moving, we did not fill out the ‘character sheets.’
Couldn’t that be an advantage in a comedy game? I mean, if someone suddenly leaps out a window and bounces off the sidewalk, that’s a kind of tension and release that is wild, ironic, and whacky.
But I’m not expecting ‘Toon. I might get that, but that is a Player choice. We shall see.


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