IMC :: revisit : secrets of the Argent Pattern

Re-reading the above excellent post, I am now toying with the idea of revealing more about the Argent Pattern and how it encompasses all of Corwin’s experience, and not just his bias memory of 1905 Paris, but also his lost Avalon and even the trials for the throne of Amber.
The most stable and elementary balance involves three points. A three legged stool can always find stable footing. Dworkin used lightning, blood, and lyre to scribe his creation.
What did Corwin use? Something more ephemeral, I think. He was not bleeding, did not sing or play music. Or did he? Was the argent pattern scribed to blossoms, wings, and wood?

Kit said:
Corwin’s Pattern is not the result of unknown years of study and planning. He is no Dworkin or Oberon or Brand. His is a Pattern borne of desperation and resolve. He fears his father has failed and Amber has fallen. He is determined to create a new Pattern that a new Amber will endure. And all he has is the Jewel and a willingness to use it. There are no arcane rituals. There is only Corwin’s determination. He succeeds.

Jvstin speculates

From my earlier post about Corwin’s new realm:

Corwin is not king there. He is the Rose Heir who stands aside. France, and the world, belong to the people and Corwin is the Citizen Defender.
His champions are his offspring and their children.
His home is beautiful. A palace that the kings of France could have dreamed only if they were visionaries.
Differing now, in Argent Rose, Corwin has had only one woman, a soulmate who absorbs all his time: Lorelei, the consort and mother of his three fine children. Perhaps not so strange, is that Lorelei is the daughter of She who might be the Faerie Queen, but in France is called the Muse Queen. This alliance between Faerie and Corwin revolves around elements not yet revealed in the backstory.
And so there is magic, adventure, and other powers that gnaw at the peace and wonder that Corwin has created. But the young bloods are always ready to throw evil back in defense of the Argent Realm.

And now we know from current story lines that Faiella was much more than she seemed when Oberon married her. We also might see a direct link between Corwin’s silver realm of Avalon, the blood of his mother’s ancestry, and the marriage in his new realm to Lorelei, daughter of the Muse Queen.
Fai Ellandra was the Power of Powers among the Fae.
Corwin of Argent is the Rose Heir and power behind the Pattern. Lorelei is heir to the Muse. You might even wonder if he realized he was creating the opportunities that he did. The Fae of the Amber universe have been adversely hampered by Dworkin’s creation of the Pattern.
The Argent Realm becomes a rebirth of curtailed potentials. It may be a ‘promised land’ where the Fae can flourish again. If they journey there even as the Lost Tribes journeyed to Rebma. But there is that tricky bit about entering the Argent Pattern in order to get to France. Hmmm.
Is Corwin holding a special requirement before allowing his mother’s people sanctuary? Or does he even realize the history of his Fae blood? In Corwin’s loss of memory and amber-centric thinking is there yet another secret that needs to be brought to light?