GM transparency :: Eternal City

Sometime soon, I’m going to either record a game session or transfer the GM’s notes about a session into a form that will allow me to ‘annotate’ the Cassandra Log as I did in Log 1.
Two reasons I’m thinking of doing this:
1. I think that the GM comparing Log 1 to a more recent log is a worthwhile thing for the web and unique to any logs elsewhere, just as the Cassandra Log has become unique web-source in following a PC from ‘day one’ through full development of an Amber campaign.
2. There is never going to be a ‘contrasting viewpoint’ for the Cassandra Logs. No other player has the writer’s interest or amazing stamina to comment on the campaign, or play style. So the only contrasting examination of the material is the GM’s input.
It is also likely that the Eternal City campaign will come to a close sometime in the next year. While it may go ahead in other forms, the original F2F form started in 1996 will not likely continue past Player moves and job changes. That won’t stop this blog, but it will end the Cassandra Logs.
And yes, I’ll probably do an epilogue ‘wrap-up’ of the logs at that point.
Oh, and Log 46 is now in editing, shortly to be posted. More revelations about the line of Faiella are coming.


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  1. I have to admit this notion of GM annotation sounds intriguing. Most of the games I’ve been in have lacked the stamina for a continuous log, so this is just another thing I’m jealous of. šŸ˜‰ Good luck.

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