IMC :: royal h.r.h. profiles

So dear Readers, you may have read the three Elder royal profiles for Eternal City. So far, I’ve done Caine, Eric, and Benedict because they have more to do with background texture and less to do with current events of the F2F campaign and PCs.
Dworkin, Mirelle, and Coral have been done as ‘mysteries’. Corwin may be the next to get a ‘mysteries’ entry.
The ‘profiles’ are done in a more historical Amber-centric style.
Would you be interested enough to comment below on which other profiles you might like to see, first, second, etc, and perhaps why?



  1. More!
    Delwin and Sand–because you can’t get enough of the Empire.
    Llewella–Moist and Sad? Or so much more?
    Vialle–Why did Moire choose her to marry Random anyway?
    Deirdre–any female able to run with Eric and Corwin deserves a profile!

  2. Mmm.
    Well, except for Benedict, I consider Llewella the most complex Elder to portray. It is time one of the gals got a profile.
    Now if I can get Llewella to sign a release form.

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