IRE 24 :: pilgrimage

Blog, Jvstin Style: Game Ire #24: Pilgrimage
The Muslim Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca that every faithful Muslim is asked to make at least one in his or her life. The pilgrimages traditionally begin at this time every year.

Six Chaosi arrive in Amber. They are secret cabalists who despite Swayville’s outlawing the cult celebration of amberites centuries ago have made their way to Amber. Now they have a chance to see the Worthies and perhaps take home some exalted experiences.
Much fun ensues.


  1. This could be hilarious…
    Souvenir hunting, groupies, plaster-casters, Celebrity Tours. Unicorn Tipping, Ghost Walks,
    ChaosiTV Presents Spring Break 2006: Amber Lagoon…

  2. I’d love to run it as a con game.
    It would include the PCs actually ‘inventing’ their House and culture to interact with Amber.

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