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Shadows of Amber :: The Center of All Things :: What is this ‘Bread’ You Speak Of? a bit of inspiration from the forum.
In my Rebma, there are a couple of assumptions going in. First, that fire, flames and furnaces there are very different than what the topsiders of Amber use for light and heat. In Rebma, you see something that looks and acts like flame, but isn’t the flame of consumption.
Just as the sea water of Rebma isn’t exactly the ocean water of Amber.

Rebma, in short, is the sea / coastal / island culture of which all others are but shadows. Like Amber above, most of the protein intake is fish. There are thousands of dishes and preparations for a thousand types of fish. And Rebman chefs do grill using bubble furnaces, a technique originally used for crafting metalwork. So whether finfish, shellfish, or delicacies like eggs and gels are considered, the choices of dining in Rebma are very broad.
Does it all taste the same? Oh woe to you, surface dwellar with your shallow palate. And please don’t chew with your mouth open. Thanks.
Cooking over flame is outside the culture of the ancient undersea realm. The flames of Rebma are sacred in ways not often discussed with surface men. At family shrines, small flames dance above the altars dedicated to the fallen heroes of Rebma.
In this aspect of interaction with fire, you may notice a Rebman by their fascination with the trivial uses and oddities of surface use of fires.
And as for the secret of swallowing liquids and food underwater?

History. Politics. Debate. Sex. Food. Magics.
It’s a very oral culture. There’s a few tricks to be learned.

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  1. Seems like there is lots of potential for aquatic mammals to supplement the fish…
    Based on the island cultures I know, the real question here is, do the Rebmans have a way to deep-fry fish?

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