IRE 25 :: Mardi Gras

Blog, Jvstin Style: Game IRE #25 : Mardi Gras
The controversy in New Orleans over holding Mardi Gras festivities is the inspiration for my own take on it.I want to run this as a Nobilis game, although I bet you could do this with another system besides Nobilis if you wanted. Dogs in the Chancel, anyone?

Desperation. Power. Corruption. Blindness.
Jvstin has chosen a topic rife with dramatic potential.

A Great Fete is planned now that Chaos is defeated. The shadow, despite being decimated by the process of Chaos marching through it with the Black Road, has invited all neighbors and some Amber royals to attend a ‘phoenix fete’ endorsed by the Grand Council.
Once there, it is painfully apparent that even with the influx of money and gaiety, the shadow is a wreck. Toxins leak from the soil. People are ill with diseases born by winds. The culture may never recover. Greed and neglect walk hand in hand through the streets. Empty promises of future good fortune are far too rosy. The distinction between the haves and have-nots is painful. But powerful men are hiding most of this behind the frenetic gay event.
If Amber doesn’t trade with the shadow, it may fall to complete savagery.
Will the powerful amberites care? Will they notice? Or will they put a ‘defacto’ approval on the events with their attendance and distancing from the reality beneath the gala? And does that mean the amberites can do anything about the problem?

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