designing for a niche

The group of players that I’m personally most interested in designing for wants to see more “low-impact mechanics,” game rules that don’t require players to deal with many meta/OOC issues once play has begun: including managing game resources, thinking strategically about how best to use the rules, negotiating or competing with the other players to determine “what happens,” setting stakes, narrating outcomes not directly related to their character, comparing numbers or fiddling with math to determine results, and the like.
These players want the feeling of being in an interesting story. In fact, among them, there tends to be quite a fetishization of “character” and “story” as high ideals. Many are excited to play every week mostly “to find out what happens next,” either to their character or in the overall story as a whole. They are prone to My Guy, not wanting to break their own standards of consistent character behavior even to create more interesting situations. They live for Color. They can often be satisfied with simply being participants in the GM’s story as long as they are entertained and are frequently given the opportunity to shine. They thrive in online freeform games, whether play-by-post, PBeM, or chat.

Sound familiar?
I wait to see what Jonothan will come up with.
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