gender and gaming

cross pollination with the livejournal feed: how might gaming improve the participation of women?

Now, I condense it into suggested best practices for evening up the percentage of women involved in rpgs!

    Stuff everyone can do:

  • Eschew gendered language, harassing language, sexist art, and stereotypical gender roles.
  • Keep an eye out to see that you’re mentioning women game designers and theorists when you can.
  • Seek out and recruit women specifically to GMing, theorizing, and the hobby in general.
  • Support childcare at cons.
    Make your board/con a welcoming place:

  • Make sure the rules and the explanation of the purpose and general social “feel” of the board are easily found.
  • Explain what will happen to those who break the rules, who determines whether someone has broken a rule, and how those decisions can be appealed.
  • Make sure the actual process of finding new mods, or enforcing the rules, is crystal-clear to all.
  • List the current mods, with a 1- or 2-line blurb so they can tout their feminism or Audobon Society membership or whathaveyou. The idea is to make it clear what the balance of moderation is, and let people know who they might want to approach if they’re concerned.
    Add to the rules/practices post:

  • Specific mention of welcome for women.
  • Explanation of any in-jokes or commonly-used jargon.
  • Mention of any hazing newbies might expect.
  • Specific mention of ways to encourage people with words to make the board more welcoming.
  • A ban on posting to a thread just to say it’s stupid and shouldn’t be discussed.
  • Fill in your mods on the problem of female exclusion.
  • When there’s an opening for a mod or other important person, see if you can find a female to fill it.
  • Don’t have post counts.
  • Provide a social space so people on your board or at your con can talk about random things and become friends with each other.
  • Make it as easy as possible for people to find each other’s blogs, and make sure people can talk to each other privately one-on-one, be it by e-mail or private message.
  • Sticky all the gender-related statistics you can get your hands on for your board/con. Actively seek out gender-related statistics. Knowing is half the battle.

Brag about what you’ve done to further the cause of equality in gaming.

—quoted from M