IMC :: royal profiles, 2

We have done a h.r.h. summary once before and since then have added Llewella to the list.
Which means these are the canon bloodlines I have not yet profiled.

Of Brand we should say little, because he is reticently defined by those who knew him. Such is enigma.
Of Random we shall say more later.
Of Delwin or Sandmorel, we have said much, but not within the pages of this blog, so perhaps…….
Of the blood of Deela, we have not made much mystery.
Opinions, suggestions?


  1. I know some of your Delwin and Sandmorel, having been so blessed as to have created Archard in that corner of your verse, so I definitely think that it deserves a wider readership.
    Clarissa would be good, too, but that’s because you know I play lots of redheads.

  2. Mmm. And Clarissa is finally out of the storyline after all these years. Yes, that would be interesting.
    Almost need a separate category for Clarissa.
    Perhaps Delwin after that. He’s a bit unique in several ways.

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