IMC :: tears for Brand

In a message dated 9/4/1999 mabarry asks:
Were there any tears left for Brand?

My answer found on an old backup disk. This from the perspective of the sister who helped stop him.

I never cry.
I don’t believe in fear.
Yet to see him die,
Gone the flaming eyes, the sword-like wit,
Because of Lies, like silver arrows–
Tangled like a skein of midnight hair in pale fingers.
They never would have downed him,
but for me.
I will not cry.
Yet I desire, I wish, I covet,
A few moments to whisper in my earlier ear,
Look there; notice more; isn’t he too eager?
Why I never saw, I cannot now see.
Why I didn’t ask, I know all too well.
He never would have fooled Bleys,
but for me.
I dare not cry,
The well is too deep,
I have things in plenty to do–
Father is gone as well.
It all stands revealed to my credit, I accept it all,
I have that strength.
He knew he lacked that terrible strength–
but for me.