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  1. But one of the things that had occurred to me about the Tiers novels was that I liked the fact that Farmer had these nearly immortal Lords who tested one another, and I was thinking that the family relationships involved with something like that would have been more fun to explore.
    Influenced by Farmer, eh? That’s a point toward a book I need to read. Phillip Jose’ is sometimes too weird for me, but this is irresistable.

  2. Several books, actually, but most of them are worth it.
    I’m fond of his Dracula books too. Particularly An Old Friend of the Family.

  3. Saberhagen did the Dracula books, not Farmer.
    The Farmer books are good, I’ve read them. But Roger is right in his estimate that a close Family of issues makes the conflict tighter and better. Everyone can compare sibling rivalries to the narrative, whereas the Lords in conflict in the Farmer stuff are all a bit cold and calculating without any immersive hook.

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