recasting the role: jude law

His part has grown since first he cast skeptical eye on the PCs. I find that though the former casting was very apt, that a man of greater range and complexity suits the Lord Protector of Arden as our story continues.

We welcome Jude Law to the role of Julian in Eternal City and we wish Alec Baldwin best luck in his new projects.
While everyone loved the dignity and cool wit Mr. Baldwin brought to the role, we expect to see the pivotal Julian to have much more screen time now that his long service to the crown is to have him serve King Random in sitting as Regent during the King’s temporary illness.
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  1. Interesting change.
    Julian as “Gigolo Joe”. This amuses me, although I know Law has done far more serious and better work.

  2. Nods.
    Three things came together to prompt the change:
    1. pics of Alex Baldwin are rare, really lame and don’t convey the cold-ass attitude he brings to his drama
    2. pics of Jude are plentiful and this one jumped out for the cold stare
    3. the PCs have long respected Julian in-game as a bad-ass, and the old casting just didn’t quite jazz that up

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