trump rainbow prism

from the AML:

At 08:23 PM 10/23/2006, JZ wrote:
> >I think a common interpretation I’ve seen is essentially that
> >normal Trump operation involves a more “sealed” transfer. You
> >come through, but not necessarily your atmosphere.
> >Like going through a membrane that resumes its
> >tension behind you. A gate implies that you’ve opened the door
> >wide open.
> >It’s a hole in space.
> Hum. Perhaps Trump’s rainbow effect comes the
> “filters/membranes”? I’m under the impression, which I’m too lazy
> to check, that watching someone Trump out is watching their image
> smear away into a rainbow, color by color… So the red part would be
> from membrane A, the orange from B, etc.
> I’m also under the impression that this gives off light, so you can
> see the changing colors from another room if it’s dark. The
> expulsion of energy… Eh, burning off stuff that’s filtered out?
> -M

That’s quite interesting. Trump membranes like soap bubbles prisming light.
Though I’ve never had it come up in play, I’d judge the light is linear perceptive, registering on the nervous system of the observer but not actually illuminating anything. This would be similar to the effect of someone who is in Trump contact, but there is no light transmission observed no matter your axis to the person in Trump contact.
So while anyone can see the ‘prism’ of someone trumping out if you are in direct line of sight with them, there would not be a ‘flash’ around a corner. You would probably see a flash in a dark room if nearby.
Nice tangent.



  1. There are a lot of things about the Trump transfer that are idiosyncratic from game to game. I thought the rainbow was the obvious visible manifestation of the change between worlds. Sort of like any spectrum diffuser that showed the veils of Shadow being parted for a moment. [shrugs] Trump in darkness didn’t have the same effect.

  2. Nods. Yep, even major ‘narrative’ devices like how easily the callee can physically attack the caller are different from game to game.

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