ambercon 2007

Hey, for those who haven’t already heard the word: Ambercon gaming signup is ready for your participation.
I hope to see you there.

Games under consideration:
“City of Czars”, bringing the Argent Rose serial game to Detroit for the first time
a threat against Russia’s constitutional monarchy must be stopped
Cobalt Charter“, bringing another serial game back to Ambercon
A group of women meets in a masked and hidden place under the turnings of a broken sky. Born in many shadows, they come together under the Very Watch of great kingdoms to work their Secret Will upon Shadow. Having agreed to their Will, they act and suffer no man or god to stand in their way.
“Five Sides to Every Story”, the mystery one-shot game returns once more
“The Black Watch Must Die”, new all-Chaos PC game
assassinate Swayville before he breaks the PatternFall Treaty and plunges the weakened and divided Courts back into War with Amber
“Changing Hands”, returning serial
explore the Amber shadows abandoned by Chaos after the signing of the PatternFall Treaty



  1. Heh! Glad to see that graphic going to good use! Very nice.
    Mmmm… Argent Rose. Lovely. You’re going to shock Colette with this one, aren’t you? Lovely!
    The all-Chaos looks tasty, too. Hm.

  2. “The Black Watch Must Die.” *snort* Love that title.
    So happy to see “Argent Rose” at Ambercon, and “Changing Hands” coming back. Both great games! And “Five Sides to Every Story” is simply amazing.

  3. Ah….the Black Watch……*sigh.*
    I will certainly do everything in my power to play in Argent Rose. In fact, I volunteer my room for the game…..yeah….
    I’ve decided that I’ll also be running a game or two this time around.

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