the Demmed Few! :: 2007

Thoughts? Comments?
Game: the Demmed Few!
Number of Players: 2-6
Game Type: Shared World, One-Shot
Restrictions: PC’s must be from Chaos built for 70 pts. Characters submitted to GM prior to convention can be built for 100 pts. No Logrus, no Pattern. Note special costs for powers at web site.

Before your eyes your Chaos Elders incandesced in Logrus-spun fires as the Wavefront passed. Now younger cousins gather your remaining troops and beasts. The Black Road remains yet, but sorcery fails and your flyers have fallen sickened from the horrid blue skies above. Trump does not work. All your Chaser and Guardian demons are black bones but a few Chine survive.
Scouting suggests you outnumber the remaining enemy eleven to one. Your allied House commanders confirm none of their Logrus wielders survived the Wavefront. What foul weapons have the Amber madmen loosed? Can you rally before they strike so again?
It falls to you! For your fallen blood! For your House! For Fidelis!

Gerard and his skirmish forces are all that remain between the ragged strength of Chaos and the castle on Kolvir. Your honor demands the enemy shall surrender or perish. What are your orders? Will inexperienced allied officers support you? Can you convince Amber to surrender? The Black Road War shall be won or lost by the Demmed Few.
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  1. Ooo, cool…
    A couple of thoughts / questions: by “the demmed few,” do you mean few as in the 6 or 8 PCs, or do you mean these hundreds that “outnumber the remaining enemy twenty to one?” Is the game about individual soldiers, infiltrators, and assassins, or is it about small team tactics, war tactics… what is the emphasis you envision?
    As a player I’d want to know that before choosing to sign up (other than going by the obvious “it’s an RF game; it’ll be good” criterion 😉 ).

  2. Very good questions.
    As GM, I’m interested in letting the PCs have all those options. Spy, assassinate amber officers, kill Gerard, or even decide to stall with parlay while you send folks down the Black Road to find your relief column and news from the Courts.
    This could be a war game, diplomacy game, or it could turn into Chaos factions unwilling to combine their remaining strength (there would be at least three Houses in the attacking force.)
    However, in a slotted game, perhaps more focus is a good thing.
    Simple bias would be: inexperienced command scenes rather than field battle. Can you work together? What is the plan to crack Amber’s defenses? Will you keep your head while those about you lose theirs?
    I need to get that into the blurb. Excellent point.

  3. Again. Lovely. Don’t know that I’d jump into this, but it’s remarkably similar in some aspects to the Ghenesh War game that’s percolating in the back of my head.

  4. :Nods:
    The scenario will be shaded by the PCs you get, of course, but laying out what sort of game it might be is a good thing, besides it being an Arref game 😉

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