the Bloody Grievance: the endgame?

“There had been a few others also, of whom I had heard, long before us, who had not survived.”


Like the potent sun, a past that cannot be stared at directly.
This idea is just something on the back, back burner. I may decide after Ambercon US 2007. I have a busy year ahead of me at work, so chances are slim for me to start a game.

Some possible game titles:

  • Bloody Grievance: Unto Eternal
  • And Death Will Take Their Names
  • ‘Make Death Proud To Take Us’
  • Forgotten Valiant of Eld
  • By Forgotten Deadly Measure
  • the Brave and the Bold
  • By Durance Bold
  • Bloody Fallen and Cursed Fury!
  • By Curst Irrevocable
  • Grievance Requiescat Unto Eternal

An adults only story game moderated by GM playing all Contentious NPCs.
Players take the parts of the forgotten scions of Oberon who defended the realm when Benedict was a child. Twelve months (real) after game start the Entire Cast of PCs have perished in awesome legends of grand style and/or heartbreaking wit. Players shall frame the story arc as they wish (organic / immersive) to be heroes or villains. There will be more blood, monsters, sex, drama and wonder than you can shake a patternblade at.
I imagine, at any rate.
Yes, the game ends after a year. Yes, your PC certainly dies or worse. In back story, some scions have already perished in defense of the Realm on the Restless Sea. Oberon and Lir are the war leaders of this land. There are pregens available. No NPC is proof against death by virtue of Amber canon, but respect for Zelazny is a major consideration.
Have you ever wanted to write a doomed legend? To die, mocking foes the while—laughing though your mouth fills with blood?

GM will post at least once a week but no more than thrice a week per Player. Players may do exchanges offlist with each other at their own speed (without Contentious NPC input), and post thrice a week to game list. Stating it plainly, you may write most of your story without the GM or pace yourself to the GM clock. In this the game is structured like a ‘flash fiction game’ and you may interact with other PCs by their collaboration, but not alter the major NPCs without GM input.
Immersive style PCs are encouraged but transparency, maturity and sincerity between Players is required by the GM. GM will resolve any conflict requiring impartial judgement or which appears to be damaging the game dynamic.



  1. I like your contract, by the way. I think the key on this “GM will resolve any conflict requiring impartial judgement or which appears to be damaging the game dynamic” is the mature players and seeing it coming. I suspect transparency would help with that, but seeing into brains and hearts is hard.
    I look forward to watching your noodling process as you progress through thinking about this. Hope you’ll keep posting.

  2. I haven’t read the Polaris material, but yes, building with an ‘ear’ towards the legend is a good analogy.
    Seeing into ‘brains and hearts’ is awful hard given that none of us see ourselves as well as our hopes for our PC creations.
    How to get transparency, that’s a tall order.
    Nice to hear from you, Prowl. The soft ones say, “thanks”.

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