Corwin’s search

Strange Horizons Articles: The Solitary Quest: The Hero’s Search for Identity in Roger Zelazny’s Amber, by Lyn Gardner
…the true heart of the tale lies not in the outward actions of the protagonist, but rather in his interior journey

Essay does a nice job of showing the theme of the books in a way that many more familiar with the text seem to ignore.



  1. That was pretty good, but I don’t know how you can talk about that without at least commenting on Random’s parallel journey that lets him become King, and the rejection of the crown as a symbol of rejection of Corwin’s old identity.
    Or did I just miss something about that in skimming the article?

  2. …and is Random’s journey a shocker? a test? the fable of the youngest king’s son making good? a man redeemed by the love of a good woman? a plot by Rebma? a fluke? something deeper that touches on the mysteries of Paulette’s death? the humor of the unicorn?
    Random is the lurking protagonist remaining from Zelazny’s original intention to write the story nine ways, says I.

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