broken links

many, many Amber resource links are broken through my various pages
and I’m not sure what to do about it
in most cases the information is just gone
(most painfully in the Amber Castle reference area)
my lesson from this?
if you see something cool on the web, save a pdf of it.
should I admit that most links are far out of date and throw out the pages?
start transferring good material to the blog?
your thoughts?



  1. Yes.
    I freely admit that, say, interesting articles you have here I save a copy to my HD, not only because I want an offline copy of it, but because “what if” the server that has ITSOG crashes and you lack a backup, or decide not to?
    I need to back up the SB wiki from whiterose, but that’s a project I keep putting off.

  2. Four notes:
    1) Do everything David Dorward said.
    2) I say that blog back-ups are the responsibility of SSS.N users (mostly because of the ease of the effort), but I do keep some of my own – for example, some of the Amber stuff that had been kept at the public FTP site has been saved (and I occasionally ask others if I can keep their stuff from mailing lists, etc., up.) And, of course, you’re welcome to set up a personal area on the AmberLinks WiKi if it helps.
    3a) You have room on the SSS.N server just about as needed for any related resources and references. Let me know if you need any help setting that up.
    3b) If you need some help finding the broken links, or fixing the links quickly, let me know – I have utilities for that and lots of experience.

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