1. I’m so there! 🙂
    Though I like the suggestion from your earlier post on the subject — it seems to me the setup is much more interesting if the question is “Will the Sleepers save the New Republic or destroy it?” (I mean, I think you’re thinking that already, it just didn’t come through for me in this blurb.)

  2. Oh yeah.
    Sol is right though, play up the ambiguity a bit in the crawltext and its “there.”
    The Sleepers wake and may save the New Republic, or they may plunge the Republic, or Galaxy, back into the terrible Chaos of War…

  3. I think a lot of story value is PCs wrestling with a ‘clean slate’ startup. Can they change? Is the game able to play some changing and some falling to the Dark Side?
    During the ramp up to game, those questions would have to be explored parallel to Player expectations so the GM could build the game contract.
    One tipping point item the GM is thinking is that PCs start with ‘balanced Force’ from the long sleep; ie, you can design your PC to be redeemable.

  4. The character type that occurred to me this afternoon was out-and-out evil, but trying to help put the galaxy back together. After all, a functioning galactic economy is going to produce a lot more wealth to exploit…

  5. I have two notions of ‘system support’ to help with the social game contract.
    1. Because of the long ‘serenity’ sleep, Force ratings on the PCs are slightly reduced. ‘LightForce’ of 3 is ‘free’ owing to the peace of 10,000 years. Players select whether to add to ‘Light 3’ or put Force points into ‘Dark’ as well with their PC builds.
    2. PCs can choose ‘Dark’ or ‘Light’ Force rating in 90% of conflict, or add both together if they balance match for certain ‘meta tricks’ like sensing Force issues at galaxy distances.
    3. I need to list Force stunts out.

  6. Interested here, too. I’m not sure where I’d go with a character here, but the way you have designed it I don’t see that as being a problem. The character can grow and find it’s own path without being locked into either light or dark. Excellent!

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