looking for humor in a Chaosi

Yes, Chaosi have a mature social hierarchy and indeed they are successful conquerors. But the history of our own planet tells us this does not always give you a sense of humor. We still have too much of that problem.

Humor may lead to self-observation or an insight to personal or cultural foible. In the face of terrible consequence, humor can provide hope. Humor says “hey, I get the ridiculous parts of myself and my situation.”
Laugh or cry? Some cultures cannot laugh.
Submitted for your approval: Chaosi do not have a sense of humor. There is no political satire in the Courts of Chaos. Great works of literature are not subject to parody. There are no spoofs. There are no Hellmaid jokes. No one understands the concept of a jester or a pie in the face.
Despite a culture of shapeshifters and metamorphs, long noses and goofy smiles are unheard of. There are no mimes, scary or otherwise. No talking mice. No beleaguered coyotes chasing speedy birds.
Are Chaosi humorless? Canon support? Ghost cats. Dark lords. Strygalldwir. Dara, prize student of Borel.
Merlin. Program the gentleman to blend with Amber culture and he still has no sense of humor. Contrast with Rinaldo for example.
Well, so plenty of evidence from the canon that the Chaosi are humorless and alien. Not a sense of humor in the bunch.
But when you are descendant from a unicorn and a hunchback…
now that’s funny.



  1. oh yeah? from Prince of Chaos…
    There are songs, such as ‘Never Wed a Hendrake Lass.’
    and Merlin using the ‘frog in a blender’ riddle with the Sphinx.

  2. No beleaguered coyotes chasing speedy birds
    Well, only in that one really fucked shadow cluster, and it’s all Terribly, Terribly Serious Business….

  3. Merlin: smart and a gentle wit, but funny? Nah. I also recall the names of some of his spells, but still not funny.
    As for music in the Courts: I bet if we heard the lyrics, there is no funny there.

  4. Never marry a Hendrake lass
    For your wedding will be marred by warfare
    For her bloody hands will pass
    And your bloodline’s end they declare.
    Never marry a Hendrake lass
    For she will not ever love you.
    Never marry a Hendrake lass
    For her “I do” is really “adieu.”

  5. I’m reminded of a movie, “Ridicule” in which people talk about the difference between French “wit” and English “humor” as if they are two completely different things.

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