Amber :: the clone wars

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NM said:
In my current FTF game, my players have been… breeding. And it reminded me of an instance years ago when a player (I was playing as well not GMing) spent the time to raise an army of his children using the wonderful properties of fast-time shadows etc. Another in a different game created a clone-army of his own, fully roleplaying through the difficulties of raising an army of clones and all that good stuff/nonsense.

Amber’s blood is too important to trivialize: this is canon.

IMC, this is why identical amberite twins is nearly impossible; partly why Chaosi assassins specifically trained to shape-impersonate Amber royals go mad if they try; and why the Rinaldo-Luke pattern-ghost event ended in tragedy.
IMC, the entire idea of cloning would make for a plot arc of frustration and foibles, which could be very interesting or extremely pointless depending on the maturity of the Player. You would be ‘pushing’ the universe “up hill”.
It would be good to get the ‘offspring issue’ on the table for meta discussion if it was something the Player was pushing for. Hopefully, the PC has a line of research or an “in” with a cousin who can help dig up info.
Yes, IMC, PCs have been reproducing. There is even a bit of competition to it. However, amberites are not extremely fertile for a variety of canon and campaign specific reasons. Hence, PCs do not always know how to have children (that’s right, Oberon didn’t include the Real information in his talks with his kids.) So having kids is a bit like meeting Dworkin or knowing how to get to the Primal Pattern: it is a plot point you have to do work for.
IMC, the children have the same potentials as the parents. So far, all the children that have tried the Pattern have walked it successfully. However, King Random has been ‘testing’ children to make sure they are tough enough. If the King says “wait a year”, that’s not been defied by anyone.
As Player, I’ve never presented the GM with a ‘child plot arc’.
As GM, I’ve seen it many times. It can be a lot of fun. Certainly, PCs see themselves in their kids. Some of the same mistakes get made. And often when “wiser counsel” is offered, the kids (just like their parents) elect to ignore subtle advice.
And for whatever amusement it might bring, I’ll link to an essay I did on amber reproduction. Have fun.