the Eternal City: the Unicorn, nsfw

IMC, none of the PCs have actually seen the Unicorn beyond shadows, flashes of white in Arden and dreams.
For a while, I’ve been teasing PCs in the Eternal City game with glimpses of Dworkin’s emotional and acerbic comments regarding the Unicorn. Dworkin’s comments do not align with the fantastic descriptions offered by Julian, Corwin and others who were at the Abyss when the Jewel was retrieved. Random usually just shrugs and talks about her weird eyes and being glad he doesn’t remember much else. Generally those descriptions overlap with interesting anomalies.
I’ve also been pondering exactly what sort of one-of-a-kind Trump the old man has of her.
IMC, Dworkin’s comments regarding the creation of the Pattern have direct bearing on the visual complexity of the Unicorn. Her twisting horn is Lightning. Her emerald eyes sing like twin Lyres. Her flesh is written in Blood.
The Unicorn by Dworkin: Not Safe For Work trump


the mortal model is Noraly by Johannes Schwab