advanced shape shift: chimaerancy

I’ve chatted here about Shaping. I’ve spoken of common Chaos shaping and the worth of straight Shapeshift in the Amber DRPG rules. I’ve also noted the Chimeric demons who flicker from one appearance to another and inspired the Chaos practice of sorcery shaping.
All of these arts involve unbinding and reforming matter. I’ve settled Chaosian shaping down to several varieties, not mutually exclusive.
* common shaping (18 pts): you can twist, bend, alter, and scare most mundanes; it takes a lot of work
* Chaos shaper (35 pts): you can do almost any sort of organic shaping; it takes concentration
* Lessat shaper (60 pts): you really understand what shaping is, how dangerous it is, and how much of a threat to yourself you are
There are some “rules of thumb” to what you don’t ever want to do with the above, accompanied by a traditional set of stories about the sad folks who found out the hard way how nasty life is when you break the rules.
* Don’t try to emulate the nature of a empowered being when you don’t understand their power
* Don’t shape your brain; it controls your shaping ability
* Don’t try to emulate the nature of a being with more Psyche
* Don’t try to out-shape a Lessima.
And no where near finally, most of the bizarre effects like “living sand”, “razorblade tornados”, and “7th dimensional constructs” are actually sorcery-supported shaping. The combination of sorcery, a rack, and practice with your shaping talent can make for some incredible short-term effects that can be done very quickly and are devastating to a less capable foe.
Then there are a few varieties of non-Chaosian shaping.
Advanced shape shifters touch on other aspects to include affecting other beings near them. Advanced shape shifters may also touch upon aspects that would horrify a noble Chaosi.

Intangible shaping has dangers that are a hundredfold the concerns of shaping matter. As an example, IMC most shapers revert to their normal forms when relaxed. This is true of Weir, Chaosi and magical creatures.
It is less true of chimaerancy (advanced shape shift), which affects the intangible natures. This is also the arena for curses, dooms and twists of fate that leave you unable to remember what you were to begin with; for your enemies and perhaps your self.
Among the secret horrific aspects subject to shaping are:

  • spirits
  • shadow
  • primal fluidic

Spirits are creatures that exist only in intangible dimensions that are composed of sentience and shadow energies.
Shadow is both tangible and intangible. The simplest form of this shaping is drawing substance from the intangible to increase mass or drop it.
Primal fluidic is reference to the intangible matrix of energy that flows through the universe. The formula balance of primal energies in a thing can be shaped to deliver passing or permanent changes. This shaping allows crossing shadow veils and some kinds of supernatural creatures do this naturally.
Mixing the above arts can allow you to fuse a spirit to an inanimate object and bring it to life. Or pass yourself through solid walls; imprison someone else within one. Or lock a person into a monstrous or inanimate shape. There are rumors that the followers of Lessima can do these things.
This kind of shaping is not encouraged in most civilized societies and is feared in many shadows. The risks to sanity and psyche make it rarely practical to teach.
The Practioner of such shaping inevitably loses their way and becomes a being that experience shapes into new forms.