Amber revised :: coup

Story Games for everybody! – Designing a social combat system that doesn’t suck
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As it relates to Amber diceless revised? Social conflicts can be cool. How do you support a PC with in-game resources to explore social conflict? In my revised version, PCs have an attribute call Coup.

Coup, traits include:
Position (Your position in court, birth order, command of crown resources)
Circle (social scene and connections to those not beholden by position)
Charisma (your style and ability to be important to others)
Reputation (history of success, are you usually a winner or loser? are you generous in victory or an ass? do you keep your word?)
And what happens to PCs that lose social conflict?
Some trait (or more) of the Attribute is weakened. Coup must be regained when lost. Short-term projects (and one-off games) would benefit from the resources of Coup but be less mindful of the consequences. Campaigns would see Coup multiply as leverage for intrigue, politics and information from the NPCs/PCs.