ambercon 2010 – first draft

Not sure where to put this…and if anyone is reading it. However, since we are at the 12th hour and I just started thinking about it… well, yes, I’m planning on Ambercon 2010 and here are the games (first draft):
Slot 1) Agents of the Argent Rose: “City of Ghosts” (gm – arref)
Paris, 1923, and Corwin‘s descendants hold the brighter world safe
returning players first choice
Slot 2) playing something
Slot 3) playing something
Slot 4) A Full House (gm – arref)
Every player is a scion of the late King of Amber. Every player has access to the secret resources your father, Eric, passed on to you to use in case of his death, for the enemies of Amber are many. But a usurper named Random sits on the throne now. Your father’s advisers believe the time is right to reinstate the true blood. Will you make war on Random or find another way? Can you get your sibs to support your plan?
Slot 5) Clandestine Chronicles of the Cobalt Charter (gm – arref)
Once more the secret order of shadow rogues tries to makeover the universe as a more just place.
returning players first choice
Slot 6) playing something
Slot 7) Changing Hands (gm – arref)
King Random needs the shadows searched for signs of Chaos perfidy. You get the job.
Slot 8) The Soft Cimmerian: ‘Mirror Teeth’ (gm – arref)
Special game exploring Rebma’s secrets and the Gallants of the Glass. Returning players only…and perhaps One new Player.

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  1. I’m reading, but too brainfried to help. did you know there is a catholic church in an austrian town called mariazell where people pilgramage to like crazy because the blessed virgin does amazing things? But who the hell is the blessed virgin analog in Amber? Doesn’t matter, right, because Corwin’s pattern made a universe heavily influenced by catholic europe… so we’ll work it in. I will. somehow.

  2. I’m reading your blog. Still don’t have a good response on your last post in my head yet.
    A Full House sounds fun. I wish I was going to ACUS. If you were not using pre-gens, I’d bring Noys!

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