IMC :: the Jewel of Judgement :: commentary tracks

Originally Posted by Trevelyan
What practical use can be made out of them is down to your players. Generally speaking, the most interesting uses for the Jewel are going to be non canon.

IMC, the Jewel stores memory copies of all the people who attune to it. It has information from the Serpent stored inside. It also energizes all sorts of arcane methodologies.
You can summon things from the Jewel that have been stored there. Winds. Lightning. Oberon. The Serpent.
You can also explore the unwalked paths within the Pattern of the Jewel and find elements not incorporated into Amber. Imagine what things you might find or be distracted by.

TonyLB said:
Oooh … sorta like God’s DVD-commentary track.
“Yeah, we looked into the idea of incorporating happy endings into the universe, but it didn’t poll well. Still, if you wanted to do it, here’s how ….”

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