Rank the elders! Warfare

Rank the elders! Warfare
Leaving out the dead folks…. because that would get into a long story about who trained Benedict and the scions of Oberon that everyone has forgotten.
Oberon (no one’s trickier)
Benedict (undisputed)
Eric (holds Amber against external enemies as well as Corwin AND Bleys, fighting as well as Corwin)
Corwin (even better one on one, this style being developed for a couple Earth centuries, as Eric finds out, dirty tricks specialist)
Dierdre (better with social warfare than all the men above, even Oberon)
Bleys (Master of Armies)
Julian (Master of Constructs, monster fighting specialist)
Caine (Fleet Commander, unconventional warfare specialist)
Florimel (political warfare specialist)
Gerard (Fleet Commander, political warfare specialist)
Llewella (exotic environ warfare specialist)
Random (demonstrates enough endurance, strength, and magical talent in the canon that he can’t be really tough on warfare)
So we go from several thousand years of a King in Amber who is total Warfare savvy to a King in Amber who is least among his sibs in Warfare.
Across the range of shadow civilizations, we watch the King is a Badass become, the President is the Face of State.


  1. Are we certain that Oberon really rules the top of this stat? I don’t believe he does. I think Benedict has put a lot more (obsessive) attention into developing these things, and a lot more current experience. Oberon might have magical assistance due to his specific pedigree, but I don’t know that I give him the benefit of the 1st rank.

  2. I can easily see that POV, in part, because in my own games I often have an ongoing contest between Benedict and Oberon.
    (Another way of saying that is… Oberon is the reason that Benedict demands of himself to be number one in Warfare.)
    Generally speaking on the canon… Oberon appears to be more canny than Benedict.

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