Lords of Gossamer and Shadows – 100 Landings on the Grand Stair

100 Landings – Places of Interest on the Grand Stair #3
“…this battle, while losing us the Valuable Compass forever, revealed a curious passage on the stair that I must note in detail.
In finally striking down our enemy, Friend Siv noted that during grapple, she had twisted about thrice counter-clockwise on the steps between the Black Parliament and…
…so revealed a completely unknown passage, which I have Called the Broken Way because of the lack of walls and the dangerous cross-currents of the Void. These currents are Ethereal, drawing upon energy, though not dousing magics of the Third Order. So we explored there for a while with our own weir lamps failing us not a bit. These Doors were very old, showing not the excellent workmanship of Everything else I have noted about the Grand Stair. The metal frames were eroded, the material of the Doors was stone, or something much like it. The hardware was a simple puzzle handle that required three gripping hands, exactly like the Province doors I noted earlier in this volume. However, it was clear that the Province craftsman had nothing to do with these Doors. The passage is cold, but not a cold defeated by furs or fire. Here some aspect of the Void is loose in the Stair construction.
I did not like it.
Walk here with your arms ready. Later, we understood the erosion was….”
— Uwe’s Gazetteer of the Grand Stair, Reconstructed from a partially destroyed volume, no cover.
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