#InvisibleSunRPG begins for me, actual play write-ups likely

Hullo there!InvSun

Is this thing on?

Well, having received an invite to an #InvisibleSunRPG a year ago and having had to turn it down due to health and aging issues in my family, I’m putting the audience of ‘something more than zero readers’ on notice I’ve read the rules and built a protagonist and the GM’s going to turn the lights on this tiny group of four PCs soon for a PBEM.

Yes, just like in by-gone days. PBEM.

I’m excited. It’s a very different world full of very new mechanics. I’ll post as I learn. I’ll try not to belabor mechanics as most of you will not have any access to game materials (the Kickstarter is delivering things to backers). I’ll post things about PC design and/or the wonder of exploring a new world and mindset.

Invisible Sun is a Kickstarter game from MCG.

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