17 canon attrib

Ambercon US 2007 :: the games

slot one: The Summer Queen
Arnoldi / Zimmerman
Two GMs take on the notion that the complete health of a supernatural couple is also tangled in the meaning of seasons, bounty of the fae realms and well being in the mortal lands.
The Summer Queen, Titania, is ailing. Can you make a difference?
The best part here for me was the mix of a mortal to play off the fairies. Unexpectedly, my PC, Powll, was assigned to bring the mortal to court. (Last minute, I also learned there was another Phouka in the cast.) So I “tamped down” the wildness associated with Phouka’s and acted responsibly (for Fae) as court messenger.
So Lord Powll got the girl, led the princess to court and started to earn her trust.
It became a verbal challenge for me to keep Princess Tribute (not her real name, you have to be careful with names) informed about events beyond her understanding. So my PC kept a light banter with the mortal through many scenes, acting as mentor.
Tribute (Jill) turned this into huge fun by blinking, pausing and asking for more explanations. Which this humble player then turned all twisty by revealing more ludicrous complexity.
The cast was terrific, with plenty of sexy interactions with plot. Cool start to the con. I’d love to see more mature games where personal interactions and imperfect solutions are involved like this game.
I realized once at the game that my first slot has been with Mr. Arnoldi through several years. He does a good setup and blurb. I was jokingly labeled ‘a stalker.’


diceless salute! Jo Spencer

A tip of the crown to Jo Spencer, who long ago showed me a PC character sheet on the back of a business card.
I just mocked up a business card to hold pregens for my Ambercon game, ‘Stairway Perilous!’. Casting pics with ‘legend manners’ on one side, all 17 possible attributes listed on the other side.

Amber DRPG :: revised expansion Warfare

In reference to my previous ideas about Amber v2, I’ve recently read the persuasive comments about flaws in the original Amber Diceless by Mike Sullivan.
He’s right on target.
One thing that jumped out at me about Mike’s comments (and he just sticks to the original elements and doesn’t propose new elements as I’ve done) is that Warfare takes up a huge amount of the book narrative in all ten books, while the game choices for Warfare PCs are spare compared to arcane powers.
Mike recommends ‘specialization’ and I’ve added some of those options in convention games, such as a PC is allowed to buy a point or more of expertise to up-rank themselves (“I’m the best with ‘fast draw’.”) But in the new expansion I’m thinking of, I haven’t noted expertise rules.
So here are those ideas expanded now.


Amber DRPG :: revised expansion :: 17 canon attributes

*drawn from ideas started on the Amber Mailing List 2006 and inspired by any number of Amber community members over time. Thanks to J.Z. for asking the questions to begin with. Thanks to G.S. and M.C. for the excellent ‘House of Cards’ game.

My excitement and appreciation of the Amber DRPG is the spin of actually playing within such a modest game framework with good players. I have to admit my practice for years has been towards “elegant and simple” when folks talk about expanding the PC attributes, I’ve never been thrilled by the prospect.
Those conversations often show someone wants to expand the stats we already have, like Warfare being a combination of ‘tactical’ and ‘strategic’ in order to have great swordsmen who may not be great generals.
That doesn’t appeal to me. As mortals, we can never really appreciate the immortal accumulation of skills and power the Amberites enjoy. Getting more specific about it is the wrong direction.
Of late, I’m more convinced that Zelazny’s story is so much bigger than the first two books that describe a ‘throne war’ environ. The game as written does a great job of providing that ‘contentious throne war’ flavor where the princesses are neither “interested nor fit”.
Hardly surprising that Florimel is so hard to fit into the game for some GMs.