Action, Sex And A ’70s Vibe: The World Of ‘Amber’ : NPR

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Pretty good review of what is another in the ‘guilty pleasures’ series.


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No one reads the manual. It’s as true for games as for setting up surround sound in your living room. So instead of reading a dry rulebook, most people learn games from people who have already played them. As a game designer, game shop employee, convention volunteer, and booth weasel, I’ve spent a lot of time teaching people how to play games. And of course, as a die-hard gamer, I’ve also learned a lot of different games from a lot of different people. This article distills my experience into a few simple strategies for teaching people how to play games, so you can get on to the fun of actually playing as quickly as possible.

I’m running a con slot for ‘First Time Amber GMs’ to come and discuss what they need to get their own game going.
Here’s a few interesting points that wander through that topic from a different direction.