Cry Havoc: Print Sources

A pretty interesting collection of print sources for:

cry havoc :: amber drpg blog Royal Way -Monthly, Tabloid. This paper was about to fold, but with the arrival of the new Royals, and the rescue of its (almost) perpetual cover girl Princess Flora, its readership has increased tenfold. The Current issue covers Prince Fineas capture of the Chaosian spy, Prince Diego (who is he, and what is Mojo?), and Was Lady Gwyneth really a spy? NPC: Editor Embeth Wodehouse (think Jackie Collins)

Primal Powers

Blog, Jvstin Style OK, it seems that we have a cross-blog topic going. Primal Powers are tricky or a tremendous opportunity, depending on how you look at it. Meera has joined in as well. By asking about Spikards in relation to such powers. All good things to think about. In My Campaign, I’ve used Spikards as ‘doorways’ to the ancient times. Remnants of things that existed before. Old Things that Dworkin thought to use in New Ways. They can also be Characters. I’ve managed to introduce one Spikard to the game as a character first, not letting on to anyone that they are talking to a Spikard when they interact with this manifestation. Some interesting gameplay has resulted.

Llewella Fashions

Here’s a ‘headshot’ of the Llewella ‘sim’ for the game I tooled up last week. That’s a silver netted evening gown with black panels, no panels required for the top, of course. I also did a ‘Lancers’ outfit that is more her style in Amber, where topless fashions are considered gauche. Not that I’m going to start a Fashion Page for the Eternal City. LOL

Time Wasters

BTW When I talk about a time waster—it usually means that I can’t believe how much time I’m spending on something creative, like web pages or rpgs.
Sometimes you end up with something to show for it—but the rest of the world hardly appreciates it regardless. How could they? You did it because it was absorbing and fun, not for anyone else. To me, for example, TV is not a time waster, because I either enjoy watching (so there is no waste) or I don’t watch at all (which is normal, I have way too many other things to do that are more fun). So that’s the creative eccentricities of time wasting per my own definition.

Sims: Doll Lovers Beware

Hi and welcome back.
Sorry for those of you who might have dropped by while I wasn’t here—and I do hope to pick up the rhythm I had going before the holidays.
I’ve been captured by a strange fancy—the Sims. For those of you who don’t know about this time waster it seems the people who brought you the excellent Sim City and such have for some time been manufacturing people and neighborhoods.
Now, I’ll admit that I saw these programs in the stores and didn’t think too much about it. Gaming software generally leaves me tepid. But this darn game is a cultural phenom. And you can build castles. You can create families. I’ve spent the last week trying to see if I could get the program to create a “Llewella” person. And did it.
An example of the lengths that some people will go to with Sims is this very nice site. Welcome To Roman Sims—Carpe Simulos! This person has put HOURS of life into this production. It is almost like being storyteller, director, stage construction, and wardrobe person all at once. Other excellent links will be found at The Sims!.
The range of expression goes from historical parallels to SCA and RenFaire sites, to recreation of Fav TV shows, comic book characters, and other homages. I picked up a model of ‘Supercar‘, a show from so long ago only Moses and God know what I’m talking about.
But I warn you— if you love dollhouses, paperdolls, GI Joe doll adventures, or spending time staring at pixels, don’t buy this game.